Possible Collateral

In some select cases, collateral may be needed along with the cash fee as an additional safeguard of liability. Depending on the amount of the bond, we may require your house/property as collateral, even if you have other assets that could pay off the bond in full. Also some select valuables may be taken as collateral but as always please discuss this with any associate with the company.

To start this process, you will want to call us anytime to make a deal with our associates concerning the ability to use collateral as a possible additional form of payment or as a lien for the total amount of the bail. We will tell you how much you may have to pay upfront, the amount of the fees that will be charged, and what documentation will be require on the collateral, such as proof of ownership, property valuation and recent a mortgage payment document, etc.

To do this visit your county’s property records office, which usually is at the county courthouse. File a “Deed of Trust” making East Texas Bail Bonds as the beneficiary. Also at the county courthouse get a recent tax assessor valuation of your property. Once filed, the deed means the company has a lien on your property and can take possession of it if you default on your agreement. We require proof that you have made this filing before posting the bond with the sheriff, along with the other accompanying paperwork and agreements.

For the duration of the case, the lien against the property remains in place while the wheels of justice spin. Once the case is completed, whatever the result, the court must officially exonerate the bond before you may remove the lien. The defendant’s attorney should request the exoneration of the bond from the court. Request a certified copy of the bond exoneration order.

Present a certified copy of the exonerated bond, the balance of any interest that has accrued over the course of the case, plus a written request that the lien be released, also it is to be noted that all bills and fees must be paid in full before the lien will be released.