Frequently Asked Questions
How is the price determined?
Prices start at $150 per bond for local Class C Misdemeanor charges.  For Class B Misdemeanor charges and above fees start at a flat 10% of the total bond amount plus a filing fee of $15 or $30 depending on the number of charges.  Other factors may increase the price including: citizenship, place of residence and out of county charges.

Large bonds can be done at a lower percent if all fees are paid in FULL.

What counties do you operate in?

East Texas Bail Bonds is approved to write Surety Bonds in Wood County and Van Zandt County Texas. This includes any-and-all municipal jails in the counties jurisdictions. East Texas Bail Bonds can accommodate any charge, from any county, for any amount!

If an inmate is being held in a surrounding county, special arrangements may be considered for release through East Texas Bail Bonds. These special arrangements depend on charges and counties, and also will have to be conducted between 9-4 Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays.

What type of payments are accepted?

All forms of credit and debit cards, money orders, cash, checks and direct deposits.  We also have alternative payment options; Zelle, CashApp, Venmo and ApplePay. If paying by check or money order make it payable to: East Texas Bail Bonds. Personal property loans may also be arranged.

When can a bond be posted?
A bond can be posted to the jail when the accused has been arraigned by a Judge or Magistrate and in some cases when a pre-set bond amount has been set for minor charges or warrants with set bond amounts.
When are you available to post bonds?
East Texas Bail Bonds is ready to post your bonds 24/7 to help you out when you need it the most.
What is needed for posting a bond?

In addition to the fees, all individuals released will need a co-signer who assumes responsibility to the remaining bill; if a balance is due, any and all court costs incurred by the individual if they do not show up to court and also the FULL bond amount if the Courts rule a Bond Forfeiture judgement.

Anyone over the age of 18 may be a co-signer and will need a valid U.S. issued ID.

Do I get any money back?

ALL fees accrued are final.  We take liability on the full bond amounts for a nominal fee.  If personal property is used as collateral it is returned when the fees to us have been paid in full. Release is not guaranteed. Guarantee is for the bond to be posted on the agreed charge/s and active after processed by the local jail.

If the client wishes to post bond and receive funds back, they must post the FULL bond amounts to the JAIL; and in doing so the money will not be returned until all cases have been dismissed, or disposed.

What is required after having a bond posted?
After having a bond posted the client is required to sign paperwork that includes: bond totals and liability, a check-in agreement and valid contacts.  Also if an Attorney represents you we would like their information and advise you give them our information as well.  The client is required to contact us once a week and any payments that may be due must be paid off per clients agreement.  If any personal contact information changes including phone numbers and addresses it is required that the client contact us with the updated information.

Violations of ANY of the agreements is an automatic forfeit of all bonds, and the co-signer may be held liable for all costs accrued for said violations.