Kaufman County, Texas

Kaufman County Texas includes  the cites of Terrell, Forney, Kaufman, Crandall, Scurry, Kemp, Rosser, Talty, Oak Ridge, Post Oak Bend City, Oak Grove, Grays Prairie, Cottonwood, Elmo and Travis Ranch.  The main detention center is located in the city of Kaufman.

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office

1900 E US-175, Kaufman, TX 75142


The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office is located in Kaufman Texas. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, closed during major US holidays. Generally inmates are arraigned daily by a Justice of the Peace. Any and all bonds can be posted 24/7 including holidays.

County Inmate Visitation:

Male A Pod – Wed 7pm-10pm / Sun 1pm-4pm

Male B Pod – Thur 7pm-10pm / Sat 7pm-10pm

Female D Pod – Tues 7pm-10pm / Sat 1pm-4pm

Federal Inmate Visitation:

Male – Tues 1pm-4pm / Sun 7pm-10pm

Female – Wed 1pm-3pm / Sat 8am-10am

Kaufman County Courthouse

100 W Mulberry St.
Kaufman, TX 75142

District Clerk

Phone: 972-932-4331, Ext. 1274 Fax: 972-932-0659

County Clerk

Phone: 972-932-4331, Ext. 1104 Fax: 972-932-4086